53. The photo shoot

On the final Sunday before the Ball… just before the final rehearsal one of the Dancer’s (Sally) contacts came to the Duke of Cornwall laden with photographic equipment and took some photos of us.  Below is a selection – what a charming and funny young man, who was confident enough to put us through our paces and just really kind.  If you’d like him to take photos of you find him at Jamie Parr Photography on Facebook.  He made us look and feel good!  I hope you agree.

BC photo shoot love

In the sequin dresses from left to right… Kathryn, Catherine, Hellen, Marie, Joan, Michelle, Denise, Sally and me.  A nicer, kinder, more bonkers and beautiful group of women you could not wish to meet and I feel veroy honoured to have got to know them and count them as friends.


Author: fionaosmaston

I live in Plymouth, Devon with my husband Nick and near my parents Sandy and Sheena. Our three children, Marcus, Phoebe and Miles are grown up. I am a geographer and love teaching Geography. My current role is as an Assistant Vice Principal in an inner city comprehensive school where I lead on coaching and initial teacher training. In August 2017 I was diagnosed with invasive lobular carcinoma and following a skin sparing mastectomy and endrocrine/hormone treatment I am now awaiting a final reconstruction. These views are my own and writing this story has helped me come to terms with where I am in this interlude of life which has been dominated by breast cancer.

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