71: Countdown

The countdown was on to meet Mr A.  The week was very busy.  On Tuesday night we had our school presentation evening.  This is the oscars of Stoke Damerel, students and staff are recognised for their efforts.  Our guest speaker was Lee Spencer – the Rowing Marine.  As with my dad this man was “corps” through and through.. having been involved in a dreadful accident he lost one of his legs.  This did not deter him from rowing across the Atlantic – twice.  Once as part of a team and once as a record breaking individual.  To read more ROWING MARINEAwards evening 2The awards ceremony is always uplifting and our visitors commented about how good it was to see positive news about young people.  Lee Spencer was funny and although he must be a very adept and practiced public speaker he made it seem as it his talk was off the cuff. First big event of the week – done!

The entire week was themed about diversity and Thursday was a day of difference.  All students were involved in extra curricular activities to celebrate differences.  Second big event of the week – done!

Day of differenceIt was also Nick’s birthday.  Celebrations for that would have to wait for the weekend.

The third big event of the week was the new staff induction which was part of my remit.  I had been very well supported by the HR team, letters of invitation had been sent out and we’d devised the programme of both statutory and other training.  We had 20 new members of staff joining.  The conference room was booked, refreshments ordered by 8.30 it was underway.  It is always a bit stressful to ensure that everything is covered without “death by powerpoint”.  One of the more interactive aspects was the passport activity where new colleagues were dispatched to collect signatures from around the school.  It is a way for them to get to know where a variety of offices and key players are located (little did they know there would be a fair bit of re-rooming happening over the summer holidays so that will make it a new challenge when they join in September). After lunch the new staff were picked up by their Curriculum Managers to have time to get to know the syllabus, schemes of learning, personnel and where classrooms and offices were. Feedback was positive.  Third big event of the week – done! Phew.

NQT observations were complete and assessments written by their mentors. Next event Nick’s birthday celebrations.


Author: fionaosmaston

I live in Plymouth, Devon with my husband Nick and near my parents Sandy and Sheena. Our three children, Marcus, Phoebe and Miles are grown up. I am a geographer and love teaching Geography. My current role is as an Assistant Vice Principal in an inner city comprehensive school where I lead on coaching and initial teacher training. In August 2017 I was diagnosed with invasive lobular carcinoma and following a skin sparing mastectomy and endrocrine/hormone treatment I am now awaiting a final reconstruction. These views are my own and writing this story has helped me come to terms with where I am in this interlude of life which has been dominated by breast cancer.

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